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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you participated in a fabric or square swap? They are fun and interesting. I have joined in on three and found them to be worth the time and effort. I joined one group that was a red and white 5" square swap and two I Spy swaps. It is a way to receive many different fabrics and you only buy a few. Here is a picture of some of the I Spy fabrics that are in progress of being made into quilts for my grandsons.
I highly recommend joining one of these groups. It helps keep the stash under control and makes a quilt of so many different fabrics affordable. Another way you can do this if swap groups are not your thing, is find a friend or two that want to do the same thing and all of you watch for fabrics that are suitable and each buy fat quarters and then cut them up and share between yourselves. I have one close friend that we do this regularly and then once a year we give each other a nice tidy gift of just enough of each fabric for more squares for another I Spy quilt. Whatever you might choose, I hope you will give sharing and I Spy quilts a try. Let's keep those machines humming! Scrappily, Susan


  1. Hi Susan! This sounds fun. Where does one join, yahoo group, Flickr?

  2. That's a great question. I found them in blog land. SewManyWays had some and there were a few others. I didn't see any in a quick look for you that were open right now. If we cant find some and there is enough interest I could do one. I will update you on what I find.


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