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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you participated in a fabric or square swap? They are fun and interesting. I have joined in on three and found them to be worth the time and effort. I joined one group that was a red and white 5" square swap and two I Spy swaps. It is a way to receive many different fabrics and you only buy a few. Here is a picture of some of the I Spy fabrics that are in progress of being made into quilts for my grandsons.
I highly recommend joining one of these groups. It helps keep the stash under control and makes a quilt of so many different fabrics affordable. Another way you can do this if swap groups are not your thing, is find a friend or two that want to do the same thing and all of you watch for fabrics that are suitable and each buy fat quarters and then cut them up and share between yourselves. I have one close friend that we do this regularly and then once a year we give each other a nice tidy gift of just enough of each fabric for more squares for another I Spy quilt. Whatever you might choose, I hope you will give sharing and I Spy quilts a try. Let's keep those machines humming! Scrappily, Susan

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and a winner!

Spring has arrived in all its glory and I am so glad its here. I do enjoy each season but there is a time to move on. I love the first blooms of Spring and the sunny days that bring those flowers. Well, we had a give-away for the first day of Spring and Connie is the winner of fat quarters in bright spring colors and a seed packet. Thanks to all who participated! ( we will have another one soon!) Scrappily, Susan

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fantastic Friday

This week I had to face one of those events that quilters dread, discovering you do not have enough fabric to finish what you started. It is a serious dread for anyone who buys fabric and lets it age like fine wine, as you decide what the perfect project is for this particular precious purchase. I bought some lovely bright flannels with my oldest daughter in mind and her first baby. She is now due anyday with baby number two. The fabrics were girly and her first is a boy so I am not so much late as stuck with the problem of finding more fabric to match to finish this and finish it quickly since granddaughter number two will be here soon. I have looked and looked and when I find something sort of matching the quality is not the same. Sigh.....
This is what I have been working on. Bright and fun for a little girly one. So, what do you do when you find that you do not have fabric that you love to finish a project? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Do not forget my Spring give-away. These are Red Rooster fabrics and the colors are nice and bright, just like Spring. Scrappily, Susan

Monday, March 5, 2012

Do you feel Spring in the air?

Do you have Spring fever? I think I do. I can hardly wait to get out and plant the flower beds and garden. I have been planning what and where to plant but the when is getting to be a big question. Our weather has been so unpredictable. Monday night we had four inches of snow about five miles from our home. Sadly, we didn't get any but then again, our peach tree is blooming so we would have lost the entire crop. I am not sure we still won't. Today we have cool temperatures but sunshine. As I said, unpredictable.

I also have the Spring fever bug in regards to cleaning my sewing room, again. I cleaned it the week before Christmas, crazy I know. And it isn't that it is messy, it is too full. Time to get rid of some clutter in there. So, how about a give-away to help out my sewing room and in anticipation of Spring? What would you do with these five fat quarters in bright colors and some seeds for your garden?

To enter just leave a comment about Spring and follow me. I will close the give-away on the first day of Spring, March 20,2012 at 9pm.