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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and a winner!

Spring has arrived in all its glory and I am so glad its here. I do enjoy each season but there is a time to move on. I love the first blooms of Spring and the sunny days that bring those flowers. Well, we had a give-away for the first day of Spring and Connie is the winner of fat quarters in bright spring colors and a seed packet. Thanks to all who participated! ( we will have another one soon!) Scrappily, Susan


  1. It's so nice that California gets to have spring. Here we just get MORE snow. It literally snowed all day today. Not all of it stuck.

    Did you ever find your purple fabric?

    1. I found some purple but now what I wanted nor of as good quality. I was very tempted to use the blue you found, thank you for the help, but Sarah wants purple.
      The weather here is fantastic. It was cold and raining all weekend with snow where we live even and now its sunny and warm. go figure.


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