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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Color inspiration and Chickens

I love color all different colors. My stash is like a very large box of crayons or paints. It is the medium of my art. Color occurring in nature is what inspires me. I have more pictures of flowers, trees, and anything else that catches my eye, than I could ever use. Here is one of my most recent pictures that is pushing me to get some unfinished projects done so I can use these colors in a new project.
We have friends that have chickens and these are some of their eggs. This picture does not do the colors justice. There are some lovely bluegreen eggs, different colors of brown and brown with a darker brown speckle. They were so pretty it was hard to crack those lovely shells and use them, but we did. Such fresh eggs are also hard to resist.
These colors are the inspiration for my next big project and I think I will enjoy hunting out fabrics to match the lovely eggs as well as designing a quilt to bind it all together.
Today I plan to put the backing on my March project for A Lovely Year of Finishes. It just might make the finish line this month! Wouldn't that be lovely?
Hope your day is filled with creativity,

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  1. I love all of the pretty eggs. Our son provides us with the same beauties and they are as pretty as they are yummy.


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