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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yesterday I took one of my 'babies' to the sewing machine doc. She was having some trouble with sewing forward. Yikes, I am not so talented that I can sew much in reverse. She was my first Viking Husqvarna, I have loved her for 32 years and now I have to say good bye. She has given her all, mostly because she is so old that there are no replacement parts, apparently.

I was thinking about all the things we have made together, so many things. New curtains for a new house, two houses ago. Little girl clothes, little boy clothes, little girl clothes, prom dresses, quilts for children; mine and nieces and nephews. I started my Dear Jane quilt with her but it will be finished on another.

Am I being too melancholy over a sewing machine? I was surprised at my thoughts when I started thinking of all we have been through together.

Well time to pack her up and for me to move on to something a bit more fun.    



  1. Oh NO! I loved that model, too. They never could get mine to work properly once I started to have problems. That was about 30 years ago! YIKES!

    So…do you know what you will replace her with??? :-)

    1. Hi Robin, I am not sure what to replace her with. I have a computerized Viking that I use but it is 20 years old and is just starting to have issues too. When I took my older one in they had a great sale on a Diamond Viking but I am just not sure what I want yet. Not really wanting a new one or old one, just the ones I had. I'll let you know what I end up with.

  2. I get melancholy over things like that, too. My first sewing machine, that began this addiction, belonged to my mom. Also a Viking. It broke down and the cost to repair her would be half the cost of a new machine. Reluctantly, I let her go. It was sad....

    1. Hi Amy, It would be so much more difficult if this machine had been my Mom's. I agree, it is sad. And thanks for the kind words, I dont feel like I am a bit of a nut for being nostalgic for a sewing machine.
      Have a blessed day, Susan

  3. Susan you have won my giveaway over at Stitchin' By The Lake but your e-mail keeps bouncing so I can't get in touch with you. Please contact me so I can get your gift to you. blessings, marlene


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