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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilting with a heart for others

I love my quilt group. They are a group of ladies that has a big heart. Last year when I came back from a missions trip to Salinas, Ecuador and they saw some of the pictures of life there, they decided they would lessen some of their stash and make fabric bags and needle cases for the ladies of this area. They would be given out through the local churches to bless the women there. The ladies in the barrios of Salinas have very little. Most had no bag for shopping or a single needle to repair clothing. So we have sewn  bags and made  needle cases to bless the women there.

What creative ways have you put your sewing or quilting skills to work to aide those in need? I would love to hear what you have done. If you haven't done anything yet, I encourage you to look for a way to be a blessing to someone in need.


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  1. I make baby quilts for a local pregnancy center, and knit little hats for the NICU.


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