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Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Addition

Once again I have not had many opportunities to sew or quilt this week. Just some machine quilting on grandson #2's quilt. I will post pictures soon. But what kept me from my love of stitching was a new granddaughter. She is such a little cutie and this gramma is thrilled. The many new and wonderful things to sew and quilt for a little girl, boggles the imagination! I dont know where to start and my WIP's are once again being pushed to the corner of my mind as I get to revel in girly things, not that I haven't enjoyed the boy things. .....

Focus, focus, focus, off to my stash to pull out anything pink!  



  1. Oh yay! Congratulations! Girls are so much fun to sew and shop for.

  2. Congratulations!!! I've not been blessed yet (thank the Lord, since my crew are all single! LOL), but someday, Lord willing. It's difficult when you can't get to the sewing room, isn't it! Hope you find the time this week!
    Mary Lou

  3. Thanks for the congratulations I appreciate it =) Only my married children have children and I am thankful for that as well. I am hopeful that Tuesday afternoon I will be able to spend some quality time with my stitching and get some real progress done on grandson #2's quilt.
    Scrappily Susan


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